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Finding a Great B and B

Catering for Dietary Restrictions at Parties

When it comes to planning a party, one thing that should never be overlooked is catering. While it can be tempting to go for the standard menu options that are widely available, it's essential to consider the dietary restrictions and preferences of your guests. Whether it's due to medical reasons, ethical beliefs, or personal choices, catering for dietary restrictions can ensure that everyone feels included and has a memorable dining experience.

A Smorgasbord of Deliciousness – The Best Foods to Get at a Dinner Buffet

Few things are as satisfying as helping yourself to a heaping plate of diverse dishes, from appetizers to desserts, without worrying about how much your meal will cost. However, approaching a dinner buffet can also be overwhelming, especially if you're not sure which items are worth trying. This blog post will guide you through the best foods to get at a dinner buffet, whether you're attending a fancy fundraiser or a cruise ship dinner.

Pizza For Breakfast? Ways To Enjoy Pizza In The Morning

Pizza, with its savory toppings, warm melted cheese, and crispy crust, has always been the star of dinners, late-night munchies, and parties. However, the idea of pizza for breakfast is slowly gaining traction. As food habits evolve and cuisines blend, pizza is emerging from the shadows of evening meals and making a delicious debut on breakfast tables. Here are some of the non-traditional ways you can savor this timeless dish.

Compare These Details When You Evaluate Sports Bars

A local sports bar can be a fun place to visit in all sorts of different scenarios. You might enjoy meeting a few friends in the evening or on a weekend to watch your favorite team's game broadcast, hold a football fantasy draft in this location, or visit to celebrate the end of the season for the recreational sports team you play on. Whatever the case, it's a good idea to see what sports bars are open in your area and take a few minutes to evaluate them.

Delicious Dishes To Complement Your Italian Greens Morelle

If you want to add some flair to your dinner table this week, try serving Italian greens morelle. This dish is an easy way to bring delicious flavor and great nutrition to the table. But what can you pair with it? Here are a few dishes that will perfectly complement Italian greens morelle. Serve It With Grilled Fish Grilled fish and Italian greens morelle make for the perfect savory dish that can be enjoyed as either a main course or an accompaniment to other dishes.

How To Get It Right Every Time: What To Specify When Ordering A Pizza

You're craving pizza, and it's time to place an order. But how do you ensure your pizza is made exactly how you want it? It can be a challenge, but with some simple tips and tricks, you can get your pizza just right every time. This article explores what you should specify when ordering a pizza to ensure your order is spot-on. Type of Crust  Specifying the type of crust you want when ordering a pizza can make a big difference in the final taste and texture.

Adding A Banquet Room To Your Restaurant: How It Benefits Your Establishment

Adding a banquet room to your restaurant can be a wonderful addition that has many benefits. You can charge more for the use of your banquet room over other rooms in your restaurant, and you can now have a place for private parties and other events to occur. These aren't the only benefits of having a banquet room in your restaurant. Learn more of the reasons to invest in an event banquet room.

Benefits Of Having A Late Night Pizza Restaurant Nearby

Pizza shops typically get a lot of praise from their community, as long as their food and service are up to par. When a pizza shop is open late, people love them even more. That's because there are many benefits to having a late-night pizza shop in your town.  Here are a few examples of times when you'll be glad to have a late-night pizza shop nearby: Avoid Drinking and Driving

Tips To Eat Healthy When Dining Out

Going out to eat is a great way to spend time socializing with friends and family or simply take a break from the monotony of cooking at home. But with all the yummy tempting items on the menu at a typical dine-in family restaurant, sticking to your diet can be a challenge. Here are a few tips to help you choose a healthy meal while still enjoying yourself.  Look at the Menu Before You Go

Tips To Help You Make Better Fish Tacos

Fish tacos can be incredible. They're light and fresh, but still bursting with flavors everyone wants in a taco. So, if you run a restaurant near a beach or in another area where people want fresh options, putting fish tacos on the menu is a wise move. Here are some ways to make sure your fish tacos are the best in town. Serve them on corn tortillas. Other types of tacos can be delicious in flour tortillas, but flour tortillas are a little too chewy and dense for a fish taco.

Cook Your Own Food At These Three Restaurants

At most restaurants, you place your order, wait for the kitchen staff to prepare your food, and then eat it when your server brings it to you. There are many other establishments, however, in which the process is drastically different. A lot of restaurants allow you to cook your own food. The kitchen staff will prepare all of the ingredients that you need, but you'll actually do the cooking yourself. This type of restaurant can be fun to visit with a group of friends, and slowly making bite-sized things to eat while enjoying making conversation can create a memorable experience.

4 Types Of Caribbean Food You Have To Try

If you are visiting a Caribbean restaurant for the first time, there are some foods that you have to try. Caribbean food includes food from various countries and has influences from Europe, African, and Cajun cuisine as well. It will take more than a few visits to try all the top food. Flying Fish As expected for a region full of water and islands, fish is a big deal when it comes to Caribbean food.

Buying A Stainless Steel Salamander? Here Are Some Things To Think About

The average person likely thinks of an amphibian with a long tail when they hear the word "salamander," but anyone in the restaurant business knows that this term also describes an essential item in a commercial kitchen. In the latter context, a salamander is a piece of stainless steel equipment that produces very hot temperatures — ideal for melting cheese, browning food, and finishing items that are partially cooked. If you're planning to add this piece of equipment to your commercial kitchen, a restaurant supply store will likely have a few models from which to choose.

Winter Cocktails To Enjoy On A Chilly Day

When many people think about getting together with a few friends to enjoy some cocktails, they picture a scenario in which they're seated on a patio of a local establishment on a sunny day while they sip away and enjoy some laughs. There's little question that the summer can be a good time of the year to go out for cocktails, but you don't need to wait until the weather is warm to enjoy this sort of get-together with friends.

4 Times When Ordering Pizza Delivery Can Save the Day

Who doesn't love pizza? Many people would list it as one of their top favorite foods, and most others would agree that it's amazing. Another great thing about pizza is how well it stands up to the conditions of takeout and delivery. It can travel 10 or more miles in a box and still be hot and delicious when it arrives at your door! There are times when ordering pizza to be delivered really does save the day.

Tips For Holding A Special Event At A Restaurant

If you're planning a special event and need to decide on the perfect venue, you may be able to rent space in a local restaurant. When narrowing down a large list of options, consider your favorite type of cuisine, the age of the guests, the location, and the size of the event space.  A restaurant venue will work for any type of special event, ranging from kid-friendly to fancy. Some ideas include baby and bridal showers, bachelor and bachelorette parties, birthdays, holidays soirees, wedding receptions, family and class reunions, and anniversary and graduation celebrations.

Delicious And Approachable Dishes To Try On Your First Visit To A Caribbean Restaurant

When you first visit a Caribbean restaurant, you may feel a bit overwhelmed by the complex and unfamiliar names of all the dishes. But rest assured, there are some delicious and approachable options on that menu. If you see any of these dishes, order them — you're almost certain to enjoy them, even if you're completely new to Caribbean cuisine. Fungee and Pepperpot You might first think this is a dish made from mushrooms and peppers, right?

Ways To Make Your Restaurant's Happy Hour More Popular

If you own or manage a restaurant, hosting a happy hour is a great way to draw people in. But with many other restaurants in the area also hosting happy hours, how do you make sure yours stands out from the crowd? Here are a few ideas! Offer Custom Drinks Most restaurants and bars offer drink specials during happy hour, but you can go a step beyond and offer specialty, custom drinks that are only available during your happy hour.

The Top Reasons To Choose A Japanese Restaurant For Your Next Event

Why should you choose a Japanese restaurant for your next party? Forget about the traditional banquet hall types of spaces. Take a look at why an authentic Asian cuisine is right for almost every special event. Menu Variety  Your guests don't all have the same cravings. While you can't make everyone happy all the time, you can cater to individual preferences with a Japanese menu. From noodles to seafood, the variety provides options to fit almost every event's (and guest's) needs.

Visit Your Local Gastropub To Dig Into These Comfort Foods

Comfort food can be desirable at various times in your life. Some people enjoy making hearty dietary choices when they're feeling down, while others favor this type of food simply because the weather is cold and gray. If you're in the mood for comfort food, you don't necessarily need to go to the fuss of preparing some dishes at home. Instead, think about visiting a local gastropub. Gastropub menus can cover a wide range of cuisines, but you'll commonly find that at least a few comfort food dishes are present for patrons to enjoy.

Reasons Your Company Should Use Box Lunch Catering

If your company will be holding an event or otherwise hosting business partners or clients for a get-together, you might be responsible for making sure everyone gets fed around lunchtime, especially if everyone is supposed to remain on-site for the duration of the event or meeting. This might cause you to reach out to a local catering company, but before you hire just anyone, there's one type of catering that might benefit your event in unique ways.

Tips For Eating At An Italian Restaurant

Eating at an Italian restaurant can allow you to enjoy delicious foods that you may be unable to prepare in your home. When you are planning to visit an Italian restaurant, there are some steps that can help to make your meal a far more enjoyable experience. Pair The Right Type Of Wine For The Meal Wine can be an excellent complement to your meal, and this is especially true when eating Italian cuisine.

2 Tips For Making Cleanup After Your Upcoming Home Barbecue Event Easier

If you're planning on hosting a barbecue at your house, you may be excited to have your friends and family over for the party. However, you may also be dreading the cleanup afterward, especially if you will be having more than a few guests over and are serving saucy finger foods such as ribs or burgers. To help with making your job a little easier after the party is over, use the following tips during the barbecue to help minimize the mess.

Why You Should Rent A Kids Birthday Party Room At Your Local Restaurant

If you have a child with a birthday coming up, you might be thinking about what you can do for their special day. At the same time, though, you might not have the money or the energy to plan something over the top. That's why many families see the benefit of renting out a kids birthday party room at a local restaurant. Here's why taking your kids to such a venue might be the right choice for both the children and the parents.

Different Levels Of Italian Dining

When most people think about Italian dining, they think of a fancy restaurant with a well-dressed server bringing multiple courses to a tablecloth-covered table. However, you might be surprised to learn that there are different levels of Italian dining. Eating Italian food doesn't have to be done in a fancy environment. In fact, you can enjoy delicious Italian dishes at very laid-back locations. Fast casual dining Fast casual dining establishments are the least expensive option available.

Tips For Serving Italian Cuisine At A Special Event

If there is one type of cuisine that is sure to please everyone on your party guest list, it's Italian cuisine. Party-goers of all ages will have no problem finding an appetizer or main course to please their palate if you serve up either casual or gourmet Italian dishes or a combination of both types.  Because it is so versatile and encompasses a wide range of food options, Italian cuisine is appropriate to serve at any type of special occasion or event.

Essential Equipment For Opening A Sushi Restaurant

One of the critical steps to complete when you're setting up a restaurant that will soon open is securing the equipment that your kitchen staff will need to work their magic. The right kitchen setup will be instrumental in producing high-quality food, regardless of the type of food in which you specialize. If you're setting up a sushi restaurant, there will be several critical pieces of equipment — including many that are made of restaurant-quality stainless steel — to buy.

Having A Country Wedding? Tips To Keep In Mind When Selecting Items To Serve Your Guests From A BBQ Catering Service

Country-style weddings are currently very on trend. If you are pulling things together for your country wedding, you may be thinking about utilizing a BBQ catering service to feed your guests. However, while BBQ food fits in perfectly with a country-style event, you may be worried about ensuring that there is enough variety for all of your guests and work to keep the event classy, while still being country. Here are a few of the factors you may want to keep in mind when selecting items to serve your guests from a BBQ catering service.

DIY Pizza Party Ideas

If you're looking for a fun way to both feed your party guests and keep them engaged throughout the celebration, consider hosting a DIY pizza party. Not only will partygoers be able to make their pies exactly as they like, the menu is sure to please guests of all ages.  Another benefit of hosting a DIY pizza party is that you can completely customize it to reflect your party-planning budget. For instance, if you're trying to save money, you can make all of the dough from scratch and provide more basic ingredients, such as fresh vegetables.

Tips for Holding a Special Event at a Restaurant Offering Igloo-Style Dining

If you're looking for a unique place to hold your next special event, consider reserving a restaurant venue that offers igloo-style dining. Dining in an "igloo" is ideal during the winter months when you want to eat outside but it's too cold. The dome-shaped structures are made to look like real igloos and feature clear plastic or glass walls to resemble ice. Event-goers will be able to easily view the outdoors as they eat, mix, and mingle.

Setting Up A New Small Restaurant? 2 Tips So You Can Set It Up Right

If you are opening your own restaurant and it is in a small building, you need to take many things into consideration before you start setting everything up. If you do not you may purchase the wrong type of equipment which would take you a lot of time to return and exchange. You will find two tips below to help you set up your restaurant the right way. Kitchen The most important room in a restaurant is the kitchen.

Three Things To Love About Lemon Pepper Wings

You might have your favorite flavor of chicken wings, but if you're truly into this popular pub or sports bar food, you'll enjoy trying out different varieties when you get the chance. One type of chicken wing flavor that you'll sometimes encounter on menus — depending on where you find yourself geographically and how seriously the restaurant takes its wings — is lemon pepper. The acidity and freshness of the lemon and the spiciness of the pepper make good bedfellows where chicken wings are concerned, and this can make lemon pepper wings worth ordering.

Why You Should Take Your Entrepreneurial Skills To The Waterfront Where Restaurants Fare Very Well

Being an entrepreneur takes a good eye for opportunity and a good head for business. That said, if you live in a city where there is any sort of waterfront property, now is the time to make your move. Consider opening a waterfront dining restaurant with a lot of class. Here is why you should seize this entrepreneurial opportunity.  Classy Waterfront Dining Often Results in Great Success People love sitting in a restaurant and looking out over the sparkling glass-like water all year long.

Three Authentic Cuban Foods You Loved In A Cuban Restaurant That You Can Also Make At Home

It is not surprising when you bite into food and are instantly transported back to where you first ate that food because the human sense of smell is linked strongly to both taste and memories. If you want authentic Cuban flavors and dishes, you can either visit a Cuban restaurant or deli or make the following distinctly Cuban foods at home.  The Cuban (Sandwich, That Is) Walk into any New York City deli, and there is probably a "

Promote Less-Popular Sporting Events To Make Your Sports Bar More Popular

A sports bar can draw huge crowds on weekends when top sports teams play in high-profile events. Even on weekdays during the NBA, NHL, or MLB season, the establishment can attract a decent crowd. The word "season" infers seasonal and not year-round. So there will be lulls when popular sports aren't playing every night of the week. Thanks to cable television and 24/7 sports channels, you can highlight television airings of games not as well known in the United States.

The Best Organic Restaurants And Why You Have To Visit Them

Organic food restaurants offer a healthy alternative to many of the restaurants that serve processed foods, frozen foods, and foods that may contain unhealthy ingredients. If you are a little curious about trying these restaurants, they are located in some of the biggest cities in the country. Here are some examples of some of the best restaurants to try, and why you have to visit them.  Organic Restaurants That Grow Their Own Produce In-House